Love Bombing: A Brief History in Time


I was fifteen years old. Was about to turn 16 in a matter few months. I met him at a family friends house. He was nine years older to me. This was 16 years ago.

It started off as a typical Mills & Boons Story. Whirlwind romance, promises of forever, sneaking out to meet each other and what not. Only that he married a girl a few years later who he said was an ex of his and that he was being pressured to get married to. Five years later he divorces his then wife because he claims to be in love with me and cannot fathom to live without me. And soon after he divorces his then wife, we elope. Well get married by law without telling anyone. By this time i was 23 yrs old. a week into the marriage he whacked me. he slapped me hard across my face that my jaw hurt. i literally saw stars. just like he had promised to show me…only i thought he was being poetic. A year from that we officially in the eyes of public get married.

Now this wasn’t the only red flag. The flags were up to be seen a few months into the dating period. They were many and they were in plain sight. But i was too in ‘love’. My friends saw, my sister did too… they tried to save me… but you see the game the Narc has mastered is the role of the broken bad boy that needs fixing and that you are the only one that can save him. At 16, this was right out of a novel id love to read, a high school romance. Only it never did end like those stories did. Neither did he ever wanted to be saved.

Author: girlinvictus

I am a volcano in the body of a woman. I have seen terror in the eye and showed it the middle finger. I barely made it out. I am hanging on to any shred of hope there is. I have seen most of the horror there is to be seen and i know i can help you through it as well.

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